Like It or Not, the Underboob Trend Isn't Going Anywhere

Like it or not, the underboob trend isn't going anywhere. The iGen keeps wearing extreme slashed crop tops for nights out, days in bed, holiday selfies and so much more—it was basically a uniform of the girls on Love Island and it's kind of what separates mere mortals from celebrities, right? Or at least it in our minds.

And, as such, they're not quitting on the reveal/conceal concept: Emily Ratajkowski isn't the only one seriously into this look, as even Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid have been wearing their everyday T-shirts up above the bottom of what would usually be a hidden bra line. Just when you'd got to grips with the fact that abs of steel were probably unobtainable and breathed a sigh of relief that denim cutoffs are kind of over, along comes an even more extreme flesh-flashing phenomenon to feed the social media obsession.

Whether partying or at the beach, there is one thing all these celebrity looks have in common—they're all styled in a typical '00s fashion, despite the fact that the underboob was not a thing of this decade. We're talking centre partings pulled back with clips, vintage designer handbags, cargo pants and bejewelled stilettos. Scroll below to see how Bella, Kendall and Emily are wearing the underboob T-shirt trend.


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Style Notes: Kendall wore an extreme slashed white tank top with a low-rise skirt, Carrie Bradshaw–esque peep-toes and a vintage Louis Vuitton bag. It's like a sexy time warp to the '00s.



Style Notes: Here we have another classic '00s look from Bella Hadid, who wore a slashed ringer T-shirt with baggy boyfriend jeans.


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Style Notes: Emily Ratajkowski took the scissors to a classic grey T-shirt and paired it with three-stripe jogging bottoms and white boots. 



Style Notes: Kendall took the underboob trend to the pool, wearing her cropped top over her bikini. 

Cut this to get an extreme cropped tee just like Kendall.

This is giving us Emily Ratajkowski vibes.

Take a pair of scissors to this to copy Bella Hadid's look.

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