6 Uncomplicated Outfits to Copy While We Hover Between Summer and Autumn

We Brits love to talk about the weather. Be it a heatwave or a thunderstorm, we'll have something to say (read: complain) about it. But in all seriousness, the unpredictable weather can play havoc with our outfit choices. And there's no trickier time than the present. Summer weeks are limited, and autumn is on the horizon, so it's a constant toss-up between which season to dress for. While our hearts are saying stick to linen, our heads (and most probably the forecast) is telling us to start thinking about layers.

It's all about being clever with the way you dress, and in our opinion, taking note from others is the most faff-free option. So whether you imitate Marilyn and wear your summer shorts with knee-high boots or you take note from Chrissy and embrace the trench coat with all-weather loafers, these are the six uncomplicated outfits that'll save you time when you get ready in the mornings.

1. Slip Skirt + Oversized Shirt

Yep, slip skirts are well and truly back—did they ever really go? To bring them into 2023, wear with a baggy shirt left loose and add dad trainers. 


Arket shirts are some of the best on the high street. 

Proof skirts like this also look great with chunky boots. 

2. Shorts + Tall Boots

Marilyn wearing sweater, shorts and knee-high boots



Okay—this might be a little complicated for some of us, but it's fun, right? No need to pack your shorts away just because summer is coming to a close. Instead, make like Marilyn and wear with knee-high boots and a cool, comfy sweater. 


It also comes in 17 other colours!

We can't vacuum-bag our favourite summer shorts just yet. 

You'll wear these '90s knee-high all year. 

3. White Jeans + Long-Sleeved Breton

White denim is a summer staple, and how do you make white jeans work even harder than they already have? Style with a long-sleeved top, of course. Sorry, jeans. You're not getting a day off just yet. 


H&M is the destination for great affordable denim. 

These flats will make any outfit look premium. 

4. Knit Dress + Tote + Sandals

Dawn Tan wears a cream knitted dress with a large tote and sandals



Knitted dresses are a between-season saviour. Right now I'm wearing mine with sandals, but rest assured they'll look just as good with chunky loafers and boots when temperatures truly dip. 


The bag that I keep seeing on Instagram. 

5. Trench Coat + Jeans + Loafers

Chrissy Ford wearing trench coat and jeans



Living in the UK is just a constant cycle of asking yourself, "Do I need a jacket?" And if in doubt, you can always rely on the humble trench. Be prepared to wear it over any (and every) outfit from here on out. 


Genuinely, I can't stop thinking about this trench coat. 

For days when you don't know whether to choose sandals or boots, go for loafers. 

6. Slip Dress + Blazer + Boots

Don't pack away your lightweight dresses just yet—layer them with a blazer and finish with knee boots for a look I'd argue is even cooler than what you'd pair it with in the summer months. 


I have a soft spot for Réalisation dresses.