The Top "Ugly" Autumn Trends We're Here For

Ugly fall fashion trends: Emili Sindlev wearing printed shirt



"Ugly" fashion is no longer just a passing trend. Think about it—I bet you can't thumb through your Instagram feed for longer than two scrolls without coming across a pair of Balenciaga Triple S sneakers, a pair of looser-fitting "mum" jeans, or a bucket hat. Ironic fashion, the kind that purports a "Yes, I know this is uncool, but I'm wearing it on purpose" vibe, is here to stay, and quite frankly, we're here for the notion that fashion doesn't have to align with conventional ideas of what's "pretty."

Now that that's settled, let's talk autumn trends: This season is ushering in a new wave of "ugly" fashion items that we fully support. The baggy jeans you used to make fun of your dad for wearing? Believe it or not, they're a thing again. Remember those tie-dye T-shirts you used to make as a 13-year-old? Get ready to dust them off because the free-spirited print is gunning for a strong return. If you're just as ready as we are to fully embrace the latest ironic wares, go on to shop the "ugly" autumn fashion trends that are Who What Wear–approved.

I'm a Lover, Not a Fighter

Unlike the crunchy tie-dye of the '60s hippie heyday, the psychedelic pattern is returning with a decidedly sleek approach. Instead of flowing fabrics, slim-fitting and tailored pieces give the print a modern update.

Thinking about you...

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As soon as we finally said goodbye to slim Matrix-like sunnies, another (even more controversial) shape immediately took their place. Sporty and futuristic at the same time, these slick shades are what we'd imagine sports enthusiasts, athletes, and dads everywhere to wear by the year 3018.

Slime Green

Let’s start #cphfw @socialzoo ????

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Kids from the '00s will remember the gooey green slime all over Nickelodeon's game shows. If you're one of them, prepare to get nostalgic because the electrifying hue is making a big splash right now. The key to pulling off the aggressively loud colour scheme will be to ground it with classic neutrals.

Cool Shirt, Bro

The "bro" life (aka partying and doing guy things), are inspiring a number of current fashion trends, leaving us bewildered but intrigued.

pants are intentionally large, unintentionally wrinkly ????????

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For years, skinny jeans have had a stronghold on denim trends, but it's finally time for a new shape to take their place. Mark our words: Loose-fitting "dad" jeans are about to eclipse skinnies once and for all.

Holiday is a state of mind

Flashback to lunch at Ritz???? @tara_g_panah @chanelofficial

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More and more stylish women are getting the flip-flop trend, and while we're personally still on the fence, they're a surprising trend we just can't ignore.

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