This Makeup and Skincare Hybrid Is the Ultimate Foundation Alternative

There's a very difficult beauty conundrum for foundation wearers. When you're working from home, headed somewhere low-key or have an early morning video call. The question remains, to wear foundation or not to wear foundation? 

My foundation usage has significantly decreased, and I usually just dot on some concealer when I'm running errands and on video calls. So I've been on the lookout for an alternative to foundation. 

It needs to meet the criteria of being light on the skin, light to medium coverage and have people confused as to whether my skin is just naturally radiant or if I have something on. 

My search recently reached its conclusion thanks to Typology launching their new Tinted Serum (£25). I test a lot of products, I like a lot of products but there aren't that many products that I absolutely adore and will buy myself and keep coming back to.

This is one of them. Keep scrolling to find out why. 

Typology Tinted Serum: Typology Tinted Serum



First things first, let's talk about the shades. I don't feature any brands that don't have a wide shade range, because it's 2020, we have iPhones and apps that can literally run our lives, so not having a diverse range of foundation shades is inexcusable.

So, when I found out that there were only 6 shades I was somewhere in between rolling my eyes and asking to speak to someone in charge. But, there's good reason for it. 

The shades were formulated using the Fitzpatrick Scale that takes into consideration things like sun exposure and skin tone to ensure a perfect match. The 6 shades have different undertones and I was pretty shocked that shade 5 was an ideal match for me and also worked for my mum too, despite us being different skin tones. You can get free samples on the website, if you're unsure.

What got me really excited is the 99% naturally-derived ingredients list. There's vitamin C, squalane and aloe vera for brightening, protection, hydration and all the moisture you might need. The ingredients that I'd be popping onto my face in a moisturiser, if I wasn't using this, but I get the extra bonus of some coverage. Plus, I noticed that my skin was in much better condition even once I removed the Tinted Serum at night.

The finish? It's incredibly light and feels like very good skincare, I wear it right up until l cleanse at night and I usually forget that I have it on as it's pretty flawless. 

It's purposefully designed to make skin look like skin so it's not actually a matte product nor one that packs in the glow (and will therefore not be on your face by lunchtime). 

It's somewhere in the middle and that's my ideal place for it to be. I apply the Tinted Serum with a Beautyblender, but I've tried with fingers and a brush too and the finish is the same. It's much quicker to apply than foundation and dare I say, the results are better. Trust me, I don't even recognise my own words here, but both my skin and I have taken a huge breath thanks to this. 

Makeup/skincare joy at its finest.

Shop Tinted Moisturisers

For dewy skin, SPF and natural-looking coverage with seawater for extra hydration, this is a dream for your morning routine.

A classic that belongs in every makeup bag thanks to its true-to-life shades and longevity. It's oil free so if you usually find that tinted moisturisers slide off your face, this is a good option. 

For the glow-getters, this is holiday skin by way of a sleek tube. There's moisture magnet hyaluronic acid and nourishing jojoba oil to keep skin feeling smooth and hydrated.

With 12 shades that provide a subtle wash of colour and plenty of hydration, you'll find yourself forgetting all about your foundation.

IT Cosmetics always come through with the complexion goods and this foundation-meets-skincare has all the skin-loving ingredients you might need. We're talking hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5, vitamin E and aloe vera.

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