I'm a Trouser-Phobe, so I Always Wear These Classic Skirt Styles Instead

This year, we've seen the formally overlooked skirt reach cult status. From Réalisation's leopard-print number and Topshop's chocolate slip to Zara's zany checked pencil and H&M's colour-block creation, you can barely scroll three posts deep on your Instagram feed without seeing one your favourite influencers wearing a new must-have style.

Fashion's newfound obsession with skirting is something I'm certainly here for. As a self-confessed trouser-phobe, skirts have long served as my separate of choice. And now, like a child in a sweet shop, I have more tasty options to satisfy my shopping appetite than ever before.

Don't be fooled, though—there's so much more to the skirt than the over-generalised mini and midi archetypes would have you believe. From handkerchief to pelmet and everything in between, consider this an encyclopedia of the need-to-know types of skirts out there.

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