Your Lingerie Starter Pack: The 4 Types of Bras Everyone Should Own

It's slightly embarrassing to admit this, but the one area of my wardrobe that I neglect and put off investing in is my underwear drawer. I have never spent over £30 on a bra. In fact, I only have four that I usually wear. I also haven't had my size measured in years, but at 28 years old, it's time to have a more grown-up approach to my underwear drawer. My bra education started with getting measured and discovering that all four of my bras were all the wrong size (our bra-size calculator is rather handy). Next up, I turned to the experts to discover the types of bras they think everyone should have. They also provided some tricks to finding the right one for you.

In regards to fittings, you may be wondering how often you should get one. Eloise Rigby, founder of The Pantry Underwear, says "at least once a year. Don't let your wardrobe dictate when you get a new bra. Your entire wardrobe will look better with good fitting foundations." However, Ana Didillieu, senior designer at Wonderbra, says that people "often only think about their breasts size, but breasts shape is just as important." Didillieu says that peoples' "morphology can evolve along years according to weight, age, menstrual circle and specific events like pregnancy. Considering these regular body changes, it is advisable to get fitted every time you buy a new bra."