The Unexpected Engagement Ring Style We're Seeing


Getty Images

When it comes to engagement rings, are two stones better than one? Apparently, if you’re looking at the bridal jewelry trends hitting the market right now. The latest trend for two-stone engagement rings is popping up in the collections of designers big and small, and we have a feeling this will be sweeping the wedding world. While a number of engagement rings are decorated with more than one diamond (namely “halo” rings, or those with baguettes), these are different because the focus is on two prominent diamonds of the same size.

The coolest part about these unique rings is that they cover a wide range of styles. We’re seeing everything from minimal and modern designs to whimsical and romantic styles to heirloom estate pieces with the two-stone setting. And after all, when it comes to diamonds, why settle for one when you can add some extra sparkle with a second?

Available in sizes 3 to 10. 

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