When Twinning Isn't Winning: Here's Why My Sister and I Dress Differently



We're all about being bold and brave this month on Who What Wear UK (a mantra we will undoubtedly carry on throughout the year/our lives, okay?), but we thought about how being bold and brave could be visually displayed in the most obvious way: twins. The truth is being bold and brave can mean you’re a minimalist trying out a bright colour for once just as much as it can be that you’re the second coming of Diana Vreeland. So we asked fashion journalist Natalie Hammond (and her twin sister, Emma) to explain what it’s like being so similar yet so very different…

There’s an incredibly easy way to tell my twin sister and I apart for those with keen powers of observation. It’s not her centre parting or the fact that my face is slightly more heart-shaped. Or that I have bigger feet and she got much better GCSE results. It’s our clothes: I’m probably not a bold dresser compared to dyed-in-the-wool maximalists like Iris Apfel, Lucinda Chambers, Anna Dello Russo and Susie Lau, but my wardrobe is definitely, say, fruity compared to my sister’s.