The Unexpected T-Shirt Trend That Has Taken Over the High Street

Among all the leopard print being worn around town, we've spotted an unlikely trend that's all over the high street right now: TV- and movie–printed items. You can now wear your current box set on your chest, as Zara, Topshop, Bershka and more have tees dedicated to Friends, Romeo + Juliet and more. Most of the shows given the T-shirt treatment are older, tapping into the nostalgic trend, but perhaps there will be Bodyguard tees coming our way soon. This is a surprising trend, as these vintage-looking tops are reminiscent of the oversized ones you would wear to a sleepover aged 13. If you're struggling to choose a favourite, Bershka has an entire pop culture collection that consists of Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill and Mickey Mouse tees and sweatshirts.

TV and Movie T-Shirts



We love the mix of modern and vintage in this look. Holly's wide-leg trousers are the perfect complement to her '80s-looking tee.

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