Tucking Jeans Into Boots: It's a Thing Again

Cast your minds back to 2004. Tiered gypsy skirts were the bomb. Studded, low-slung waist-belts completed each and every outfit. To wear a hanky-hem top was to be chic. And boots tucked into jeans made up the casual combination to strut in around town. Wait. Hold up a sec. Is it just us or is the trouser-tucked-into-knee-boot formula starting to shuffle its way out of style Siberia? Kate Moss—the bellwether of rock-chick classicism—has never faltered in her adoration for this styling trick, but we’ve just noticed a few street-chic ladies who are choosing to use the same layering tactic this winter.

It could be down to three things. Our wardrobes have been almost overflowing with knee-high boots since the '70s touched down on the runways, and so, being the ingeniously creative types we naturally are it was only a matter of time until these pull-ons received some special treatment. Second, 2015 was a year run by the opposite: denim worn over boots. And we all know fashion loves to buck an existing trend and do a 180. Third, we are in the midst of a legging renaissance—a leg-assiance, if you will. They are beyond ripe for tucking into slim-fitting long boots and act as a timely nod to the resurgence of the 1980s as the new influencing decade.

It’s happening. So are you going to step into it? Shop from the key pieces below to make the look work in 2016…