When to Tuck, When to Tie: The Ultimate Shirt Guide

If you’ve ever owned a button-up, then from time to time, you’ve likely stood frazzled in front of a mirror, unsure of exactly what to do with those pesky tails hanging at the bottom of the shirt even when all the buttons are buttoned. Rare is the occasion when you’d want to let them hang free—in most instances, you’ll want to tuck the ends in, or tie them up. But when is which option best?

In order to inspire you to wear your button-ups in only the most stylish of ways, we’ve come up with this handy guide for when to tuck them in and when to tie them up. Feel free to bookmark this page whenever you’re unsure what to do—you won’t regret it.

Keep scrolling for our guide to figuring out when to tuck and when to tie your shirts!