7 Easy Styling Lessons I've Learnt From Trinny Woodall

Trinny Woodall first started a fashion column in 1994 for The Daily Telegraph and then went on to influence how British women dress throughout the '00s with her TV show What Not to Wear. She might have said goodbye to the 360º mirrors and her co-star Susannah, but she's still broadcasting her dressing rules via her own Instagram account. She highlights the best new trend pieces from Topshop and Zara, and shows the designer items worth investing in. Woodall often wears a pair of Prada trousers, a Celine coat, a Prada belt and more pieces she's owned for 20 or so years. If you don't follow Trinny on Instagram, all we can say is make it the one thing you do today. Keep scrolling to see the seven easy styling lessons Trinny has taught us this season.

1. Sequins Look So Much Cooler in a Slouchy Trouser Suit

Style Notes: Trinny loves sequins, but she makes them look more relaxed by opting for a slouchy silver trouser suit by ASOS. 

2. Colour Grading Is One of Trinny's Favourite Tricks

Style Notes: Tonal dressing is one of the most popular styling tricks of the season, and Trinny is a fan of "colour grading," in which you wear varying shades of one colour.

3. Think About Wearing Your Dresses Back to Front

Style Notes: One of Trinny's favourite styling tricks is to wear a dress backwards — especially if it has a plunging neckline or back. 

Style Notes: You might assume that print clashing is limited to two or three prints, but here Trinny wears five clashing prints at once.

6. Invest in Classic Accessories You'll Keep for Decades

Style Notes: In her outfit styling videos, Trinny often mixes new high-street pieces with classic investment designer buys. In this video, for example, she wears an old Prada belt and 10-year-old Marni heels. 

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