10 Outfits That Are the Very Definition of "Trendy"

Assembling trendy outfits is always a priority for fashion types, particularly at the beginning of each new season when you no doubt want your looks to feel fresh. But you needn't spend frivolously to ensure everything you wear is of the moment. Instead, it all comes down to clever styling and pairing certain pieces with one another to unlock their full style potential.

Sure, you might feel the need to invest in a couple of new hero buys to breathe new life into your existing wares, and we certainly won't judge you for doing so. Still, we firmly believe that there are plenty of trendy outfits to be found already hanging in your wardrobe.

Trendy Outfits: @emilisindlev



To help us illustrate our point, we've found some incredible outside-of-the-box outfits that we think you'll be able to re-create with minimal effort or expenditure for autumn and that will keep you on the fashion pulse for the foreseeable future.

From the layering technique beloved by confident dressers and the throwback jeans style you probably haven't considered wearing since your teen years to the high/low outfit combination that'll give your aesthetic an edge, scroll on to see 10 trendy outfits to try this season.

Dress over trousers + statement earrings

Trendy Outfits: @fisayolonge



Style Notes: As far as layering tricks go, this has to be the one favourited by fashion types. Wearing a dress over trousers never fails to look trendy, with button-down styles loaning themselves particularly well to the look. Just add a pair of plissé pleat trousers and statement gold earrings to complete the 2021 aesthetic. 

Trendy Outfits: @greceghanem



Style Notes: Loose-fit denim started doing the rounds back in spring, but for autumn, it's set to dominate the denim agenda. Pair yours with a cropped shirt and a trending jumbo tote. 

Check shacket + minidress + chunky knee-high boots

Style Notes: A checked shacket and chunky knee-high boots will ensure every outfit you wear this autumn feels on point. However, wear them with a usually formal black minidress, and you'll strike the perfect trendy outfit balance. 

Knitted co-ord

Trendy Outfits: @himichelleli



Style Notes: Our appetite for stylish loungewear is still as insatiate as ever, only for autumn, we're getting our fix by way of longline cardigans and coordinating trousers. Elevate the ensemble by accompanying it with your favourite jewellery pieces. 

Style Notes: Monochromatic outfits were all over the autumn/winter 2021 runways, though it's Jessica who has given the look a trendy overhaul. We love how she's utilities the palette to clash different prints together to impressive avail. 

Quilted jacket + leggings + running shoes

Trendy Outfits: @_jessicaskye



Style Notes: If you don't already own a quilted jacket, we suggest rectifying this situation this autumn, as there are going to be plenty of excellent options to choose from. Wear yours with leggings and trending New Balance trainers for a cool athleisure look.

Statement blouse + leather skirt

Trendy Outfits: @emilisindlev



Style Notes: Chances are you already own a collared blouse, as they've been trending for about four seasons now. Give it an autumnal overhaul with a leather skirt and boots. Right now, we can't stop thinking about cowboy pairs. 

Style Notes: What started as a micro-trend last autumn is a full-blown look this year. Knitted vests are everywhere right now—we particularly like how Fia has styled hers with a colourful beaded necklace to give it a playful edge. 

Chintzy floral dress + bold bag

Style Notes: Florals aren't just for spring—they're a year-round print staple, usually given a moody update for the cooler months. If you've already consulted our trend report, then you'll know that vintage-style florals are the way to wear them this season and will ensure you look the trendy part. 

Oversized shirt + bra top

Style Notes: Bright, oversized shirts were a key buy this summer, but you needn't stash them away for autumn. Instead, layer them over knitted bra tops (very trendy) and switch out mini hemlines in favour of jeans. 

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