14 Trends Real Women Love (but Are Afraid to Try)

When it comes to fashion (and, let's be honest, the rest of life), each woman is different. She has different preferences, wants to achieve different things, and has a unique sense of style. But if there's one thing most women can bond over, it's that we all have things we are just too scared to wear.

You know the moment—you see a pair of fabulous bell-bottoms on your favourite blogger or strutting down the runway, and you think to yourself, Ugh, she looks amazing… but I could never wear those. Even the most stylish women in the world have these experiences—Chrissy Teigen is infamously terrified of wearing Birkenstocks.

We thought it would be very interesting to talk to real women about the trends they adore—but are too hesitant to try for themselves. The responses we got are fascinating, and a nice reminder that we all have those pain points and fashion hurdles we just can't seem to hop over no matter how hard we try.

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