17 Trends We're Totally Over—Are They Hiding in Your Closet?

While a percent of trends that go out of style are eventually rewarded with a comeback, there are others that we often wish would go far, far away—and stay there. While it can be stressful to keep up with at times, the clear upside of this purging of sorts is that it makes room for new pieces to steal the spotlight, assuming you’ve rid your wardrobe of the old ones. So, in case it’s been a while since you did a closet cleanse, today we’re rounding up the 17 fashion items we’re so over, along with what you should be wearing instead. From wedge boots to shredded tops, your wardrobe will be a better place without these.

Scroll through to see the 17 trends we’re totally over—and shop our picks of what to replace them with!

Over: Wedge Boots

There are chic exceptions, but for the most part, these are driving a wedge (get it?) between you and a stylish wardrobe.

Instead, try a block-heel ankle boot:

Over: Sock Buns

Loosen up and leave this posh 'do to ballerinas.


Over: Designer Puns

If a designer graphic tee isn’t in your budget, no need to settle for a parody of a knockoff.

Instead, opt for an retro graphic tee:

Over: Excess Fringing

The swish-swish of tassels can be put to bed for the time-being—right now we're all about craftwork.

Instead, seek out something that feels hand-embroidered:

Over: Floral Crowns

Even if you were an early adopter, it’s time to let go.


Over: Coloured Tights

It’s not Halloween every day, and you aren’t seven years old.

Instead, choose an '80s-style black hosiery:

Over: Bejewelled Necklaces

Once upon a time these elaborate necklaces adorned every outfit—but now things are simpler in that particular jewellery department.

Instead, choose a minimalistic metal style:

Over: Sheer Maxi Skirts

Your knickers can once again be kept under wraps—there are so many cooler maxi skirt options.

Instead, give the '90s denim maxi a go:

Over: Floppy Hats

Sorry, 1970s fanatics.

Instead, channel your inner Parisian and snap up a beret:

Over: Bandage Dresses

Body-con isn’t entirely dead and buried, but this particular style feels very mid-2000s.

Over: Peplum

All we can say is: 2012.

Instead, go for a flattering wrap top:

Over: Graphic Leggings

To be fair, these didn’t do anyone any favours anyway!

Instead, opt for a sleek black pair.

Over: Ripped Tops

Slashed tees are strictly off the menu.

Instead, test drive the reconstructed shirt trend:

Over: Infinity Scarves

Who wants a scarf that you can literally only style one way? 


Over: Waterfall Cardigans

Very QVC.

Instead, go all Olsen Twins in a grunge-inspired cardigan.

Over: Digital Prints

These had their heyday and all designers have moved on.

Instead, discover an unusual floral pattern.

Over: Furry Gilets

Go hard (with a full shaggy jacket) or go home.

Instead, go for a wild fluff-ball:

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Opening Image: StyleSnooperDan

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