5 Trends to Not Wear With Jeans

We love jeans. Jeans are our friends. They give us endless outfit ideas when our inspiration is running dry, and they even translate to our wardrobes year-round. They're a true closet staple. However, there are certain trends that jeans just don't jive with as well as others. Chalk it up to its laid-back associations, but sometimes denim just doesn't do the trick, which is why it's helpful to consider the full range of options in front of you.

This spring, you may have a trend or two (or seven) that you're eyeballing. However, investing in a trend is only the first step because, as we all know, the hardest part is tackling the styling aspect. This is where today's denim focus comes into play. While reaching for the closest pair of crop-flare jeans may feel like the best option when test-driving your trend of choice, sometimes it's worth brainstorming a bit further. We've highlighted a small pool of pieces that look wonderful paired with non-denim accouterments. Scroll down to find out what they are and to shop the trends.

The Trend: Belt Bag
Instead of Jeans: Spring Dress

If you've yet to try the belt-bag (aka fancy bum bag) trend, rest assured because it's not too late. Unfortunately, fastening the strap inside of your jean loops might prove too fussy. Instead, layer it over an easy spring dress for a cool look that also happens to be hands-free.

Trends not wear with jeans: Belt Bag Street Style



The Trend: Flip-Flops
Instead of Jeans: Fun Trousers

Because the designer-flip-flop trend is already quite casual, teaming it with a pair of jeans might end up skewing super laid-back. For a more balanced look, simply wear them with a pair of playful trousers.

Trends not wear with jeans: Flip-Flops Street Style



The Trend: Polo Shirt
Instead of Jeans: Embellished Skirt

The polo-shirt trend is going to be huge this spring, and if you're ready to start wearing the preppy piece, opt out of styling it with jeans and go for an unexpected combination, like an embellished skirt.

The Trend: Graphic Tee
Instead of Jeans: Roomy Khakis

Sure, a tee and jeans are a seemingly timeless pairing, but somehow styling the graphic T-shirt with a pair of roomy khakis feels instantly cooler and more polished.

The Trend: Ugly Sandals
Instead of Jeans: Midi Dress

Ah, yes. The ugly-shoe trend! We've waxed lyrical about this one, and while it may not come as a shock that we suggest contrasting it with something on the softer side, it's worth reiterating that an "ugly" sandal looks amazing styled with something a bit fancier, like a midi dress.

The Trend: Crop Tops

The crop top might be a relic of our teenage years, but thanks to a handful of eagle-eyed designers, the '90s favourite has been given a very grown-up makeover for 2019. Rather than regressing to your younger self, try forgoing jeans and instead styling yours with a midi skirt for a stylish, spring-ready ensemble. 

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