Shocker! 10 Trends Guys Secretly Love to See You Wear

Before diving into this story, it's important to note that the best thing about fashion is being able to dress completely for yourself—putting on what makes you feel your absolute best. However, getting an outsider's perspective never hurt either and that's exactly what we did. After surveying a handful of men and women on their perspective of what looks great to them on the female body, we were pretty surprised at the responses—the current trends they liked on women included ones like “statement sweatshirts” and “pantsuits.” Shocking, we know! 

Perhaps, we’d underestimated the opposite sex’s ability to appreciate the finer points of fashion. Duly impressed, we compiled the best responses into this informative slideshow, in addition to having shopped out the trends for you should you be so compelled to invest in them ASAP. 

Ahead, get ready for the shocking opinions of what guys secretly love on you!