Introducing the Dresses Now Trending in London, NYC, Milan and Paris

Thanks to the likes of Instagram and Pinterest, the world of fashion has well and truly become a global playing field where everyone can participate. Yes, it has always been an international industry, but now we can all know what the cool girls are wearing in any given postcode at any given moment. "Real" women too, and not just the fashion elite and celebs. One result of this is that lesser-known brands—such as Ganni, Rouje and Nanushka—have had a chance to make it onto the fashion main stage by appealing directly to the sharp-eyed Insta generation, and it's these labels that have cropped up again and again in the roll call of 2018's trending summer dresses.

They might offer worldwide appeal, but we've noticed that there are certain styles from these brands that are trending more in certain cities—whether it's Ganni's Charron dress dominating the streets of London or New York repping Nanushka's Penelope. To make sure you're kept in the loop with these latest looks, we've scoured Instagram to found out which styles are cropping up in Milan, London, Paris and New York right now. Scroll down to shop the looks.