These 4 Trending Mirrors Are All Over My Instagram Feed

We all know 2020 provided many of us with an entirely new way of living. Saturday nights at restaurants were replaced with evenings on the sofa, while work commutes were traded in favour of DIY office set-ups and dining table desks. When it came to the fashion industry, we saw street style images swapped with mirror selfies taken from the comfort of our own homes. And suddenly found ourselves looking to influencers and industry insiders for inspiration for much more than just the latest bag or fancy shoe. 

Yes, with lockdowns and stay-at-home orders taking place throughout much of the world, we were given an unprecedented glimpse into the homes and everyday lives of our favourite fashion devotees and let me tell you, often the aesthetics of their interiors were just as chic as the outfits they display online. 

Trending Mirrors: Foam Mirror



With less of an urgency around trending gowns or high-heeled boots, I've become increasingly interested in trending home decor and you only have to look as far as your Instagram feed to see that right now it's all about mirrors. From arched shapes to gold-trimmed iterations, full-length leaners or wall-mounted versions, there are a few key styles the fashion set have invested in recently. 

Gone are the days of hanging a mirror on the back of the bedroom door and calling it a day. Now statement mirrors work to enhance a room, covering the bases of both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Keep scrolling to see and shop trending mirrors we love. 

1. The Arched Mirror
Instagram Trending Mirrors: Arched Full Length Mirror


2. Gold-Trimmed Curved Mirror
Instagram Trending Mirrors: Gold Trimmed Mirror


3. The Arched Panelled Mirror
Instagram Trending Mirrors: Arched Panelled Mirror


4. The Circle Mirror
Instagram Trending Mirrors: Circle Mirror



Next up, the biggest spring/summer 2021 trends you need to know. 

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