The Hairstyles to Have on Your Radar Right Now

There are two groups of people (and no judgement here as to which group you fall into): those who've given themselves a rogue lockdown haircut and those who now have three Pinterest boards of post-lockdown styles to take to the salon.

Regardless of what camp you're in, it's time to get in the know about the trending hairstyles for the remainder of this seemingly forgotten year. As hair salons open back up, we decided to speak to some hairstylists about the styles that their clients have been booking in for.

Stephen Buller, the co-founder of Buller and Rice, says, "Having been in the salon for a few days, I’ve seen some questionable hair. Lockdown has been unfair to some, but with this come some unforeseen trends."

Ready to switch things up? Keep scrolling for all the inspiration you need for your post-lockdown cut.


Trending Hairstyles 2020: aysha sow



We've all been there. Standing in front of the mirror, scissors at the ready and deciding how we should attack a fringe that's precariously close to eye level.

Buller notes, "During the booking period, I feel people wanted to be set free from their overgrown locks and de-shed. Fringes seemed to be an issue, and that was top of the list to cut right back into shape or, more importantly, correct some home fringe trim nightmares."

Fringe styling and round brushes go together like cheese and crackers. Once you've got your style back under control, add this bristle brush to your kit.

Rule number one: Keep your fringe clean. It'll save your forehead from any skin bother but will also remove any product or oil build-up that results in limp fringes. No one wants a limp fringe.

Bobs and Lobs

Trending Hairstyles 2020: Naaomi Rosee hairstyle



Bobs and lobs are here to stay, and if you've been planning to go for the chop, now's the time.

"With the time of natural, bedhead hair and nowhere to go coming to an end, clients want to feel pampered. Sharp and chic jaw-length bobs are in demand, easy to style and look great while you’re queuing outside at the supermarket," notes Buller.

If you want to keep more length, then the longer version might work for you. Lauren Grunsell, head of education at Simone Thomas Hair Salon, says, "The lob is very much in style now, and I would say possibly in the next few months it will be the same but with more texture added. People have learnt over lockdown that they can have a more relaxed look and still look glam and funky."

Sharp cuts require some extra love and attention to keep hair looking healthy. Add this insider fave to your hair routine to keep your bob looking sleek.

On the days when you want to switch things up and add some more volume, this spray is the equivalent of tipping your head upside down and shaking your hair. 

Long and Loose

Trending Hairstyles:  eni


Trending Hairstyles 2020: Heart Zeena hairstyle



The result of spending all of this time without your hairstylist? A lot of growth. It's not always a bad thing either, as this can be the opportunity for working with any newfound length you may have. 

Buller agrees, "I also noticed this was a great time for people to grow out previous hairstyles, giving them a ‘head start’ to change. Therefore moving forward from the lob to longer hair with loose, textured layers is a popular request."

There's also money to be saved if you've previously opted for a helping hand from extensions. Joanna Kirby, a senior stylist at Simone Thomas, says, "Clients have enjoyed the growth they've had over the last three months. A lot of them have had a restyle and taken their extensions out for a more natural approach to growing their hair whilst adding in a natural full-head balayage to create depth and thickness."

Even if you've had to cancel your summer holiday, you can still replicate those beachy hair vibes with a generous spritz of this coconut-scented mist.

If you need some extra help to add some loose waves and texture to your hair, this wand will give you natural results that will actually stay put.

Natural Curls

Trending Hairstyles 2020: Dronme hairstyle



As many of us are wearing less makeup during lockdown, it also feels like the season for putting the wigs, weaves, relaxers and straighteners to one side. With more women rocking their afro hair and natural curls, salons are booking in reshapes and hydrating treatments.

Simone Thomas, the founder of Simone Thomas Hair Salon, says, "I have seen a lot of natural curls coming back and women wanting to embrace their natural curl. It's amazing what can be done with curls and how you can create a whole new face shape and style if you can live with your natural perm. Curls need a strong shape that suits the face and a good cabinet of a few key haircare products designed for curls and shine."  

Your hair won't know what's hit it when this blend of intensely hydrating oils gets slathered on it. If you usually dread washdays, then consider this a game changer.

Natural hair requires moistures, and this oil is Moisture with a capital M. The rich, nutty oil will coat each coil and work to condition and strengthen hair that's prone to damage.

Going Grey

Trending Hairstyles 2020: Grece Ghanem hairstyle



Grey hair is such a mood, but for dye-hards (see what I did there), it might require a friendly nudge in the right direction. With hair appointments being postponed and grey hair regrowth, going all the way is really popular right now.

Thomas says, "We've experienced a lot of clients wanting to embrace their greys coming through whilst adding subtle highlights." 

This colour enhancer works overtime to nourish and protect strands that are lacking shine and radiance.

The ultimate hair strengthener is just what the hair doctor ordered to rebuild and restore post-lockdown locks. "A little tip is that you can add Olaplex to the silver conditioner so you get a double whammy," says Thomas.

Up next, if your hair is snapping, these are the habits you need to change.

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