The Most "Fashion" Shoes, Dress and Top of Summer 2019

The trends for spring/summer 2019 are very mixed. On one hand, we're seeing a return to elegant grown-up dressing, with oatmeal and off-white ensembles that give the impression you're too mature to ever spill your lunch. On the other end of the spectrum, we have some really out-there statement pieces you're unlikely to have worn since you were 10.

Designers like Chanel and Prada are taking inspiration from surf culture and bringing us luxury tie-dye, cycling shorts for outside the gym and pool-ready sturdy sandals. Some of these directional items have really taken off within fashion circles, and others (cough cycling shorts) are still causing debate and being left for a brave few.

So which are the most "fashion" items that editors, buyers and influencers are really embracing this summer? When it comes to footwear, it is undoubtedly chunky Velcro sandals, and the print that is most inspiring the fashion crowd and adventurous dressers is certainly tie-dye. The other items are a little prettier, as puff-sleeved statement dresses and beautiful organza blouses have also made it onto this list. 

Keep scrolling to see and shop the "fashion" shoes, dress, top and many more It items of summer 2019.

The "Fashion" Top: Organza Blouse

Trending fashion items 2019: organza blouse


Blair Eadie

Sheer clothing is understandably one of those hard lines for many people that they won't ever try, however, elegant organza blouses look romantic and timeless, and have quickly become the It blouses of the year. Styles with dramatic bows, bright colours and billowing sleeves are proving particularly popular.

The "Fashion" Dress: Puff-Sleeved Dress

Trending fashion items 2019: puff sleeve dress



When it comes to dresses, the "fashion" silhouette is to opt for a midi with a wide voluminous skirt and exaggerated shoulder-length puffy sleeves.

The "Fashion" Shoes: Velcro Sandals

Trending fashion items 2019: velcro sandals



We have Prada to thank for this practical shoe trend. The general rule is the uglier they look, the better. 

The "Fashion" Jewellery: Chain Necklace

Trending fashion items 2019: chunky necklace


Joy Montgomery

Chain necklaces might feel a little restrictive and even aggressive-looking, however, these chunky chokers are how fashion-forward dressers are toughening up pretty dresses this summer. 

The "Fashion" Print: Tie-Dye

Trending fashion items 2019: tie dye


Emili Sindlev

This year, tie-dye is making a name for itself in fashionable circles. Designers such as Proenza Schouler, Ganni and Elder Statesman have elevated this DIY print, making it no longer the uniform of gap year travellers and Coachella revellers.

The "Fashion" Colour: Neon Green

This season has seen the revival of some unusual, out-there shades, and nothing is as hard to pull off as neon and lime green. Those who take on this colour show they aren't afraid of taking on a difficult-to-style trend. 

The 'Fashion' Accessory: Headband

This is another trend that was started by Miuccia Prada, as her regal-style lifted headbands sold out almost instantly, and have led to a revival of this once-twee accessory.