Youth is one of the hottest commodities in Hollywood, so we're amused (but not surprised) by the recent popularity of bib-front tops and dresses on many a glowing starlet. 3.1 Philip Lim, Chloe, and Marc by Marc Jacobs all showed this sweet style at their spring shows. You might have also heard of the latest bib-front-page scandal, when Courtney Love (unintentionally, we're assured) wore an illegally knocked off Chanel dress in this style to Paris Hilton's birthday dinner. Bib-o-licious scandal!

Mischa double-timed her trends when she wore this (honey) mustard-coloured, Marc Jacobs bib-front blouse to LA's La Scala recently. Linsday sported a sexier take on the trend in this sheer-sleeved, navy dress by Franny (this writer has-and loves-said dress in black). While the long-sleeved version was available during fall, we found both sleeveless and short-sleeved versions of La Lohan's dress at Scoop in New York ($245-265, We additionally sleuthed out this great bib-blouse for a steal, above, far left ($22.80, And finally, if you're craving the mint-coloured Marc by Marc Jacobs dress (above, third from right), it can be yours for $468 at eLuxury.

Photos of Lindsay Lohan and Mischa Barton, courtesy of