Asian Fusion

While there are loads of spring trends we cannot wait to explore (extreme wedges, digital prints, and khaki craze, oh my!) we couldn't help but notice that some of our most-watched dressers have been venturing off into exotic territory and wearing a trend that we have affectionately termed Asian Fusion fashion. Though some of these pieces seem like they could be souvenirs from a trip to the Far East, the current iteration of this look is actually anchored in the American and European fashion communities. Specifically, the style sprung from talents like Marc Jacobs and the inimitable Vivienne Westwood, both of whom sent brilliant brocades, deft draped garments, and gloriously printed pieces down their S/S 10 runways. Clearly, these designers and darling dressers are onto something, so we thought we would chart how four sartorial stars are incorporating this interesting influence into their regular rotation in today's Trend Report feature!

Before we delve into our subjects' outfit details, we first wanted to dole out a few pointers on how to wear these eclectic and decorative styles. While Marc Jacobs and Vivienne Westwood's runway shows offered extreme head-to-toe looks (the Kabuki makeup on the models certainly adds to the theatrical aura), we particularly like the fresh way these four fashion-philes are wearing these Asian-influenced pieces. By mixing a cheongsam-style top or a kimono-sleeve jacket with closet staples like silk harem pants, jeans, or chic winter shorts, these pieces are getting decidedly modern fashion cred.

Now that we've given you the broad brushstrokes on how to wear these Asian-fusion items, let's tackle the specifics