18 Easy Travel Outfits You Should Always Have on Hand

In theory, your holidays are filled with handfuls of chic new outfits that are more than deserving of a few Instagrams, but the reality is that at the end of the day, your travel outfits need to be equal parts comfortable and stylish. Yes, achieving that balance is possible, and we have the stylish looks of 18 fashion girls to prove that looking good and dressing functionally can coexist.

Whether they're travelling from one country to another by plane or exploring a new city by foot, the influencers ahead clearly know how to tackle travel outfits that meet all necessary requirements. From what to wear with your jeans to different trouser options you mightn’t have considered before, get ready to shop for everything you'll need to re-create these looks for your next adventure. But let's be real—you were going to copy these looks anyway, regardless of having a trip planned or not.

Ready for some inspiration for the next time you head to the airport? Go on to see and shop 18 travel outfits you'll definitely want to explore in. 

1. Jumper + Leather Trousers + Oxford Shoes

Easy travel outfits with sweaters



I love this combination of black and pink. 

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2. Leggings + Roll-Neck + Statement Coat

chic travel outfits



Chrissy understood the rich-and-unbothered assignment. 

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Faux fur will keep you cosy on those notoriously cold nighttime flights. 

3. Bold-Hued Trousers + Blouse + Sandals

Warm weather travel outfit inspiration



Such a cool colour clash. 

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A fun way to try the wide-leg-trouser trend. 

4. Boyfriend Jeans + White T-Shirt + Trench Coat

I’d wear this outfit on repeat, regardless of travelling. 

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5. Matching Joggers + Top Set

Easy and comfortable travel outfit ideas



The wide-leg trousers really elevate this from the standard knitted co-ord. 

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6. Neutral-Hued Tailored Trousers + Blouse + Flats

Neutral monochromatic travel looks



My dream palette. 

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7. White Jeans + Oversized Knit + Boots

Easy and stylish travel outfits



Monochrome outfits are trending this year. 

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These sleek jeans come in sizes 6 to 22. 

8. Sporty Trousers + Sneakers + Blazer

Give your track trousers a sophisticated spin with a designer bag and sunglasses. 

You might wish to consider investing in the matching sweater. 

9. Silky Trousers + Oversized Knit

Casual travel outfits



Everything about this outfit feels luxe. 

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Wear with an oversize knit for a relaxed outfit. 

10. Yoga Trousers + Cashmere Sweater + Statement Bag

Chic sweatpants travel outfits



I keep falling for head-to-toe cream outfits. 

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11. Wide-Leg Jeans + Booties + Sweater

This is a foolproof daytime look. 

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Pair with boots now, then sandals come summer. 

12. Utilitarian Jumpsuit + Boots

Jumpsuit travel outfits



I like how Michelle has layered a tee underneath her jumpsuit for a relaxed vibe. 

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Wear with trainers by day and heels by night. 

13. Straight-Leg Jeans + Cardigan + Sunglasses

Comfortable travel outfits with jeans and sneakers



New styling hack: Match your cardigan to your kicks. 

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14. Knitted Dress + Jumper + Flats

I’m going to make use of my working-from-home dresses when travelling this year. 

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I can’t imagine anything more comfortable than this. 

15. Tailored Trousers + Bright Jumper + Layered Roll-Neck

From the printed coat to the statement knit, this outfit is encouraging me to be bolder with my travel outfits. 

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The easiest way to inject your looks with some on-trend saturated shades. 

16. Straight Jeans + Cropped Jumper + Pointed-Toe Flats

If only I looked like this every time I travelled. 

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Flats are great for when you’re lugging, well, luggage. 

17. Shacket + Midi Skirt + Trainers

Skirt and shacket travel outfits



When you want to feel fancy but comfortable. 

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A skirt you can style in a multitude of ways. Try it with a shacket like Abi did. 

18. Blazer + Long-Sleeve Shirt + Flared Jeans

Comfortable travel outfits with blazers



Blazers will help to dress up your ensembles when you arrive. 

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This staple also comes in versatile black. 

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