Need a Holiday? 13 Items You Actually Need for Every Type of Break

Travel Capsule Wardrobe



Whether you're off on a weekend trip, a weeklong holiday to France or a fancy long-haul exotic break, there are some pieces that you'll want to take with you wherever your holiday destination of choice might be. As someone who's dedicated to packing as little as possible, I know you really can get away with wearing only a few items on holiday. All you need to do is be realistic about the pieces that you often bring but never end up wearing.

I know you love those hot-pink palazzo pants, but will you wear them more than once on a week's holiday? Instead, I've narrowed down 13 pieces you'll wear on repeat for the ultimate travel capsule wardrobe (for everything else, see our holiday packing list here too). I've even given you tips on how to style each piece different ways so you can see just how versatile these items are. You might even be able to get away with just a carry-on, which means you'll be off the plane quicker and straight to the pool with Aperol spritz in hand.

Wear with: Everything

Ideal for: Heading straight off the plane and on the beach

Wear with: Everything

Ideal for: Getting off the plane, heading to the beach and warding off particularly bad hangovers

Wear with: Trousers, shorts and underneath a dress

Ideal for: Travelling, the beach and the evenings

Wear with: Trousers, dresses and shorts

Ideal for: The evening

Wear with: T-shirts, camisoles and (under) dresses

Ideal for: The beach

Wear with: Sandals, sneakers, shorts, trousers (if cold) and jackets. You can even wear this layered over another outfit as a jacket.

Ideal for: Daytime activities and the evening

Wear with: T-shirts, camisoles, dresses, jumpers, jackets, and swimsuits

Ideal for: Travelling, evenings and colder days

Wear with: Sneakers, sandals, T-shirts, jackets and jumpers (so it looks like a pair of trousers) 

Ideal for: Evenings

Wear with: Everything

Ideal for: Stashing in your carry-on to change into one off the plane, as well as for the beach and the evenings

Wear with: Trousers, shorts, dresses and jumpsuits 

Ideal for: Travelling, evenings, and exploring

Wear with: Trousers, jumpsuits and shorts

For: Travelling and colder evenings

With with: Jumpsuits, trousers, shorts and dresses

Ideal for: Travelling and evenings

Wear with: Shorts, trousers and (under) dresses

Ideal for: Swimming, the beach, posing by the pool and the evening

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