Finally: We've Worked Out What the Trf Section at Zara Really Means

If you’re a regular shopper at Zara, are always up-to-date on the best dresses to hit the store and even know how to spot an incoming Zara sale before any of your friends, then we’re sure you’re aware of the Trf section. It’s often positioned near the back of any brick-and-mortar Zara store and rings at a slightly lower price point. But while the Trf section isn’t exactly a part of the main women’s collection, every savvy shopper always makes a beeline for it. So what’s the deal? And while we’re pondering such things, what does Trf mean, anyway? If you’ve ever found yourself asking these very questions (perhaps while sorting through armfuls of must-buys in the changing room or feverishly adding to basket online), then keep reading. We’ve done the all necessary digging for the full DL on Trf.