4 Trends Topshop Can't Restock Fast Enough

There have been a number of items in Topshop that can't be stocked fast enough this spring, with four key trends that the high-street brand is really owning. The Frugality's off-the-shoulder gingham top was a London Fashion Week success story, and while you'd struggle to find this piece now, Topshop is taking note of the current demand for gingham with an impressive 78 other checked items to choose from. Other pieces getting people talking (and shopping) include Lucy Williams's ditsy mini tea dress, a striped, deconstructed shirt and statement T-shirts. Believers that you can't have too much of a good thing, these are four trends that Topshop is really getting behind.

Scroll below to see—and shop—the four most talked-about trends in Topshop right now.

1. Gingham
Topshop trends 2017: Alex Stedman wearing gingham top



Much like the rest of the high street, there has been a gingham invasion over at Topshop. There are 78 items when you search gingham on Topshop.com, and standout pieces in the mix include the black-and-white check trench and matching frill-hem trousers.

2. Floral Tea Dresses
Topshop trends 2017: Lucy Williams wearing floral Topshop tea dress


Fashion Me Now

This ruffle mini tea dress sold out very quickly after Lucy Williams and others started tagging it on Instagram. However, there is no shortage of ditsy floral print and pastel coloured similar styles on Topshop right now.

3. Slogan Tees
Topshop trends 2017: Femme Forever slogan tee



Since January, Topshop has been behind the slogan tee trend, with the likes of Soraya Bakhtiar and Megan Ellaby wearing its grey and white tees with empowering slogans.

Another Topshop trend that's been selling out quickly is statement stripes, as this off-the-shoulder contrasting stripe shirt, worn by Carmen Hamilton, flew off the shelves. We have a feeling Boutique's striped shirt dress will be just as popular.

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