Yes! Topshop Is Embracing Fuller-Sized Mannequins

Topshop recently came under a bit of heat for using unrealistically thin mannequins in some of its stores; when shopper Laura Berry found herself staring at protruding "bones" in a London location, she addressed the company directly on Facebook, accusing it of pressuring women to aspire to wrongful ideas of beauty.

According to The Guardian, Topshop heard her plea and has promised to halt new orders of the mannequins. While Topshop reps claim the mannequin is a U.K. size 10 (U.S. size 8), Berry pointed out that its abnormally tall height made it look much thinner.

"I used my size 10/12 legs to walk straight out of your store," Berry wrote to the brand. "I’m fairly certain if any of us were to witness this in our teenage years, it would have left us wondering if that was what was expected of our bodies."

For our part, we're stoked to hear that such a major brand is listening to its fervent consumer base and making a change that will hopefully result in more body-positive thoughts among all its shoppers. Keep scrolling to see the original image of the mannequin, and to shop some of our favourite Topshop pieces now!


Laura Berry/Facebook

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What do you think of Topshop's decision to phase out its thin mannequins? Tell us in the comments below!

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