3 Editors Own This Topshop Dress—We Think It's Going to Be the Next Big Thing

Cast your mind back to mid-January: What were you up to? Were you on a shopping ban? Hibernating? I was doing neither. Instead, I was on Oxford Street trying on a truckload of trousers in order to find ones that worked for my petite hourglass-shaped frame. However, on my (fairly exhaustive) travels, I was completely sidetracked by a Topshop dress, and as someone who tends to prefer saving up for more but less-expensive dresses, this was a big deal. A hybrid tiger-print tie-dye mesh print, this looked like the kind of simple midi that I'd been searching for.


Hannah Almassi

On Hannah Almassi: Topshop Tie-Dye Mesh Dress (£35)

The dressing-room experiment paid off, and I skipped away happily with a £35 dress that looked like it costs £350. I told the girls in the office about it, and a few weeks later, three of us had one in our closets. The reason this particular style is so good is fourfold.

For one, it's demure with the high neck, long sleeves and midi hemline, but the slim fit means it doesn't drown you. Secondly, because of the clever stretch fabric and a partial lining, it holds to your body but doesn't cling (I had assumed that it would show all my lumps and bumps, but it doesn't).

Thirdly, there's an asymmetric line that cuts across the stomach, which helps the dress stay true to your waist and flare out over your hips—a dream for anyone like me with a bigger bottom and thighs. Lastly, as it's so stretchy, I believe that the biggest size on offer (16 and 18, depending on the colourway) could definitely work for a size or two larger. Report back to me via DMs if not, but I bought a size smaller than I'd normally wear.


Alyss Bowen

On Alyss Bowen: Topshop Zebra Print Mesh Dress (£36)

Both Joy Montgomery and I have the tie-dye version (still a few available), while Alyss snapped up the newer, muted zebra-print version. We all have fairly different personal styles but agree that this looks best right now with tights and long boots. However, as the fabric is quite lightweight, you could easily wear this frock into the summer with strappy sandals or slides. And since it doesn't crinkle or rumple, this could make for a very suitcase-friendly packing option.


Joy Montgomery

On Joy Montgomery: Topshop Tie-Dye Mesh Dress (£35)

The dress has been selling through (perhaps not quite at the same pace as some other Topshop hits like the polka-dot pinafore, slip skirt or the Carrie-esque sandals), and we predict it's going to start becoming a bigger deal any day now. And it looks like the brand has seen it as a potential winner because it's introduced new block-colour iterations to the printed lineup that already exists. There are also options for petite and tall ladies.

You heard it here first.


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