11 Topshop Finds That Truly Look Expensive

We often get asked if there's a key to looking good on a budget. Being dedicated lovers of fashion, with limits on our own purses, we regularly debate this in the Who What Wear office about how to achieve it. But we all have differing opinions. Some believe that spending more on basics will help you look more polished, whereas other believe it's all in the cut of an item. However, one thing we can agree on is that there are many people we can look to in order to help us crack this fashion conundrum. 

Fashion blogger Lucy Williams is just one stylish star we get inspiration from when talking about how to shop in a smart way. While she's often bedecked in designer goods, she's also partial to the odd high-street piece that looks just as high-quality as her more expensive items. Most recently, we spotted the Instagram star wearing a polka-dotted black slip dress from Topshop, which made us realise that there are a whole host of other items from the high-street favourite that look way more luxe than the price tag. 

Keep scrolling for a peek at Lucy Williams's Topshop look and shop 10 more expensive-looking pieces in the gallery below.