Stop the Search: We've Just Found the Most Perfect Pair of High-Street Jeans

Shopping for the perfect pair of jeans is an arduous task, and anyone who says otherwise is simply lying. (I should know, being a shopping editor and all.) Everyone has their go-to brands for the perfect flattering yet comfortable fit, but finding the holy grail is no easy feat; it generally comes after many years of cycling through an array of denim duds.

Sorry for all the doom and gloom, but if it helps, I think I might have just found the coolest pair of jeans available on the high street right now. Denim devotes will be unsurprised to hear that they herald from Topshop, the undeniable queen of affordable jeans (who doesn't have a pair of Jamies sitting in their wardrobe?).

Designed to sit high on the waist in the most flattering spot (just above the belly button, in case you're wondering) and gently tapering out into a wide but not shapeless leg and finishing with a turned-up hem, this Boutique design pretty much has everything you could possibly want from a pair of jeans. They'll look so cool with everything from Converse and a slouchy cardigan to strappy heels (see Jessie Bush's winning combo above) and silky cami and tuxedo blazer.

Trust me—these will be such a godsend in the coming months, so get them before they go. Interested? Scroll down to see the jeans and shop similar styles.

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