The Last 7 Topshop Boilersuits Have Sold Out, So These New Versions Will Too

In 2018 Topshop saw three particular items really take hold of our fashion circle: First came the polka-dot dress craze and then the denim boilersuit and slip skirt booms came around a similar time towards the end of the summer. Since then the power trio has been going strong, in particular with slip skirts continuing to be introduced in new colourways, and more versions of both the boilersuit and pinafore dress coming in and promptly selling out.

Topshop boilersuit: Jessica Skye wearing a dark denim jumpsuit with a belted waist



Replenishing the utility jumpsuit has been a particularly busy process by the sounds of things. So far seven different versions of this easy all-in-one have been available, many of which sell at lightning speed time—for example, the black cord version shifted 400 units in a matter of just over a week. If Topshop wasn't quick enough off the mark when it comes to restocking, it tells us that these styles would be incredibly hard to come by.

Topshop boilersuit: two denim styles for spring 2019


Courtesy of Topshop

There are currently 10 boilersuits available online today, including key new styles for spring (which closely reflects the original one we fell hard for last year) landing as I type. The one I'm waiting for is pictured above—dark denim with contrast top-stitching—and I'll update this story once it's available.

I'm giving you the heads up because I'm personally miffed I missed it the first time around and seeing just how versatile, comfortable and simple this silhouette is to wear (and how key they are for the season ahead), this is one high-street item I'd actively pursue.

Topshop boilersuit: Topshop personal shopper Holly Jones wearing her denim jumpsuit with a Fendi bag



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