This Simple Outfit Formula Will Ensure You Look Chic 24/7

When it comes to getting ready, we're here for anything that makes the process easier, which is why we have so many printed midi dresses at our disposal. However, seeing as temperatures are rapidly declining and leaving the house with bare legs is practically akin to going out with wet hair in the chilly stakes, we find ourselves constantly reaching for another item in our wardrobes: trousers.

They may not be a new addition to our outfit arsenal, but there's no denying that trousers require more styling effort than anything else you're likely to wear. There are so many silhouettes to try, which is precisely the problem. What exactly are you supposed to wear with each pair? We're glad you asked. With the help of some impeccably dressed women, we've found the perfect outfit ideas.

Not only will they make mornings less manic, but these top-and-trouser combinations will ensure you look chic whatever the occasion. Keep scrolling to see and shop our picks.

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