9 Cool Bags That Fit All of Your Gym Kit (And Then Some)

We’ve sussed out exactly how to be the very best dressed in your spin class, we’ve cleared the air with the lifespan of althleisure, and even got a yoga expert to talk threads for your morning regime of sun salutations et al. Now, it’s time to look to which chic tote, backpack, or roomy holdall we can throw all of this supremely cool kit into that still score style points. Your workout bag doubles up as a friend to your handbag, so it can’t let down your outfit. With this in mind, we’ve picked our top 10 favourites for all budgets and different exercise dedication levels! Suddenly, hopping to the gym in between appointments seems practically possible.

Scroll down to shop 10 different bags that’ll work for the gym, and beyond.

Lead Image: Christian Vierig/Getty

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