Tom Ford Gets Real About Hollywood & Fashion in His Latest Interview

Tom Ford's name has become synonymous with having fashion cloutyou drop it, you've got "it." Everyone from Jay-Z to Julianne Moore covets his designs, with their sensual, high-glamour leanings. So there's no question that Hollywood loves him, but does he love it back? Well, yes, but it's complicated, according to an interview out today with WWD.

See some of the highlights below, and be sure to read the rest over at WWD!


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On designing for the red carpet:

“It’s true, what you end up doing is not what you’d send down the runway at all, at all, at all. You mostly try to make sure they don’t look bad, that they look slim.”


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On walking the red carpet:

“I do not know an actress who likes it,” he says. “They’re fearful of what’s going to be in reviews that wouldn’t have been there 25 years ago. They’re fearful of the glam cam. It’s like being on a global game show, and it’s horrible. They’re terrified.” His advice? “You’re an actress. Play a part. You’re in a movie now, and you’re a major actress stepping out on the red carpet and you’re one of the most beautiful women in the world. Just play the role. Get out of the car.”


Steve Granitz/WireImage

On fashion today:

?“I have this issue with fashion shows and reviews and press. I almost wish I were brave enough to send down the runway the clothes that I would order for friends or [tell people] to buy. I believe in everything I send down the runway if Rihanna is wearing it to the Grammy Awards. I believe in it if Miley Cyrus is going to wear it to [something]. I believe in it if a magazine is going to shoot it for their androgyny story. [But] It’s not the world I left in 2003-04, where you really could do a beautiful show like I did at Saint Laurent and they got good reviews and sold well. I don’t know if that world is still here."

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