3 Surprising It Girl Tips to Update Your Style Game for Fall

Don’t let Instagram fool you. Being a top blogger isn’t all fun and games. In fact, a day in the life of an It girl is way more chaotic than you might think. Between all the meetings, events, travelling, shoots, and collaborations, only a certain type of girl—like Dani Song—is able to live the lifestyle. To get a peek into her world, Song is offering up styling tips and advice on how she does everything from managing her hectic schedule to staying fresh all day. Hint: I Am Juicy Couture, the new fragrance by Juicy Couture, is her saviour.

Scroll down for three of Song’s tips on how she stays stylishly cool throughout her busy day. 

“Because I’m always out and about, the I Am Juicy Couture fragrance keeps me smelling amazing during the day and all night long,” says Song.

Living in the spotlight can be exhausting, but Song is all about introducing the unexpected into her routine. “I embrace my unconventional lifestyle by balancing my priorities and living in the moment.” Case in point, her bottle of I Am Juicy Couture is never too far away to add a touch of spontaneity to her on-duty look. “The bottle's clean and crisp facade inspired my all white day look,” says Song.

To be a successful blogger, you have to be creative and always look for inspiration in new places. Song says that even the design of the I Am Juicy Couture bottle has had an impact on her style. “The gold accents inspire me to accessorize in gold details, from the chain on my bag to my jewellery.”

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