Before you dart on in to your weekend-and hopefully a few, much-deserved days off too-we'd like to offer you a little advice, courtesy of Cameron Diaz, Sarah Jessica Parker, Mary Kate Olsen and Agyness Deyn. OK, so today's wardrobe guidance isn't straight from the mouths of said ladies, but, as you know, sometimes a picture's worth a thousand words. So, with no further adieu, we present today's tips!

Start With The Details
Sarah Jessica Parker (as well as her alter ego, Carrie Bradshaw) is often enviably attired and spotted around Manhattan in divine outfits. Sometimes she switches things up and lets her clothes play a supporting role to her accessories. Take the above look for example; she seems to have started with two bold pieces and built the rest of her ensemble around these items. While her bright blue Loubis and Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse scarf are big-ticket items, you obviously don't need these labels to get the look. There are a few bright options from DVF Accessories, like the Long Scarf ($135) in fuchsia/olive, and Steve Madden's Leilana satin heels ($89.95) come in a Parkeresque shade of teal.

Pair Leather With A Party Dress
Long fond of the little leather jacket (it was our first story, aw), we love how this look has not only lingered, but evolved too. We've spotted several ladies wearing them over party dresses and think this a fresh take on the trend. Before you sling any old leather thing over your fancy frock, please make sure the shape of your jacket is in concert with the rest of your outfit. Generally speaking, a little leather like the one Agyness is wearing (simple, snug, cropped) is going to be your best bet. We like the Quilted Leather Jacket by Vince ($595) and Halogen's Zip Front Leather Jacket($298) also works.

Add Interest With A Belt
Truly, we're big supporters of Cameron Diaz's spot-on accessory choices. She's always rocking some well-placed (and often obscurely sourced) bauble or item. But before we get distracted reminiscing about unusually worn broaches and whatnot, we shall return to the matter at hand. Seen here at the Los Angeles airport, Diaz exemplifies easy travel chic. Big thumbs up for making a simple, lightweight, oatmeal sweater and skinny jeans much cooler by wrapping an interlocking belt around the waist. If you like this look too, Urban Outfitters has a Shell Buckle Stretch Belt ($24) that bears more than a passing resemblance to Diaz's clasp belt or you can try the Vintage Style Leather Sash Belt from ASOS ($35 on sale).

Try A Vintage Touch
Mary Kate Olsen always knocks us out with her supreme mixing skills. Who else could or would make intricate, old-world earrings-normally total granny territory, not in a good way-look fresh and current? She makes us want to scour estate sales for some super retro clip-ons. However, since we never (never!) leave our desks, we'll have to settle for sifting through the web instead. Happily this means we can log onto one of our new, favourite websites, Day-Lab, and troll their very cool selection of dead stock wares. We were deciding between the Snowflake Black and Gold vintage earrings ($12) or Coro 1940's Earrings ($16) with an ornate center crest, but at those prices we might just have to treat ourselves to both.

Photos of Cameron and MK, SplashNews. Photo of Sarah Jessica, Pacific Coast News.