Rachel Bilson's "Frankenstein" Shoes Sound Pretty Epic

We each have a piece of clothing we strongly associate with high school—a Juicy Couture velour zip-up, Nike Air Force 1s, a classic Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt, for example. But in a truth-telling Jenga game we like to call Tipping Points, Rachel Bilson spills about the accessories she remembers vividly from her teens.

She describes a pair of Adidas shell-toe sneakers, which she’d add “three tacks of platforms” to, creating a very “Frankenstein” effect when she walked. And considering the actress was in high school in the ’90s, during the era of Spice Girl mania, it makes sense that such a towering, not-so-easy-to-walk-in silhouette reigned supreme at the time.

Watch on for more confessions (and the Macarena) in the video above. Then, take a look at 2018's sneaker trends.

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