This Affordable '90s Trend Just Won't Quit

From some of Rihanna's and Kim Kardashian West's most iconic outfits to cementing London's best dressed It-girl scene, super stylist and creative director Avigail Collins is known in fashion circles for being the go-to when you're a celebrity looking to craft an exciting new look. She's masterminded ingenious ensembles for Lorde and is the force behind some of Daisy Lowe's sassiest getups, but Avigail's wardrobing skills extend way beyond this: See her own streetwear-inspired line, Silver Spoon Attire, for starters. Founded in 2013 alongside her husband (and fellow sought-after stylist) Damian Collins, her high-profile music clients—and a global street style following—make up a pretty impressive fan club. If anyone can spy the next big thing, it's Avigail. Which is why we're thrilled to have her on board at Who What Wear UK to bring you a monthly column around what's hot now.

Coloured-lens sunglasses are everywhere right now, and the best thing about the trend is that owning a pair for yourself doesn't have to be costly. Whether you go with '70s-style frames or a more '90s-flavoured pair, I've noticed that the high street has done an amazing job in re-creating them for 2017. Keep reading to see some real-life inspiration, and then shop from my favourites below.

Tinted Sunglasses Trend


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Bella Hadid wearing a pair of sold-out glasses from Japanese label Ambush.

There are different shapes you can go for: From something like the round red frames that Bella Hadid has been wearing through to hexagons, visors and classic oversize silhouettes, I'm fairly certain you can't go wrong this summer if you're viewing life through tinted lenses.

Tinted Sunglasses Trend


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Model Taylor Hill wearing rose-tinted frames during New York Fashion Week.

Although there are plenty of styles to choose from, there are a few dos and don'ts when it comes to this throwback eyewear trend. For one, I think aviator styles can tend to look cheap and flimsy if the frames are made out of really fine metal, so it's perhaps best to opt out from buying these if you want your affordable buy to go the distance.

Tinted Sunglasses Trend


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Styled by Avigail for Radio 1's Big Weekend, Lorde wore pink Prism sunglasses and a look from Natasha Zinko.

As far as colourways go, every rainbow shade is in. I'm all for the '90s addition of diamanté (think old-school J.Lo) if you can pick up a decent vintage pair, but the two-tone pearlescent finish that you might have worn decades ago does feel quite dated.

Carmen Hamilton of Chronicles of Her wearing Retrosuperfuture sunglasses.

When you put a pair of these on, you feel instantly cooler—and as other people can still see your eyes through them, it's totally fine to wear them inside (or even at night)! Dark-skinned girls can get away with wearing any and every lens shade going, but if you're pale, I'd recommend opting for a pair that fall into the yellow spectrum, as they tend to be the most flattering and uplifting on lighter complexions.

Model Sita Abellan is permanently attached to a series of tinted-lens sunglasses.

As for where to go and buy them, I'd recommend ASOS and Urban Outfitters for the best value, and if you can spend a bit more, head to Retrosuperfuture. Shop my tinted-sunglass picks in the gallery below.

Look out for this kind of visor silhouette in the future.

The fluoro-yellow version in this series has already sold out.

You'll find a big selection of one-offs available on ASOS Marketplace right now.

A little '60s, a little '90s—this style and hue taps into a lot of references.

Should you want your shades with a bit of extra detailing.

The rose gold finish makes these look more expensive.

For a pair that you'll probably lose at a festival or on holiday, head to Forever 21!

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