8 French Outfits That Are Timeless

We talk a lot about French style. But it’s understandable when French women appear to dress so well. With Instagram, we’ve been able to see easily the kinds of outfits that these women go back to over and over. So why wouldn’t we take a moment to do a deep dive into the timeless French outfits we always spot? Think of this as your ultimate guide to French dressing and the outfits French women love.

Below, I’ve found eight classic ensembles that I always spot. Whether it’s a pretty summer dress paired with a canvas tote or a pair of jeans, a white tee and a blazer, there are just some outfits that French women will never stop wearing. Keep scrolling for everything you need to know.

1. Summer Dress + Canvas Tote

Style Notes: It might be autumn and getting colder by the day, but don't dismiss this important French outfit. Always pair it with a chic canvas tote. 

2. Cropped Cardigan + Blue Jeans + Sandals



Style Notes: One of my personal favourites, this look requires you to ensure you do one thing to nail it: Tuck in your knit to your jeans. 



Style Notes: The Breton is of course a French classic. It might seem a little cliché, but the striped top or jumper never fails to look chic. Add to a long skirt or jeans for the full French look. 

4. Double Denim



Style Notes: A perhaps surprising contender, double denim is absolutely a timeless French outfit. Look to styles from Isabel Marant to ensure it's as cool as possible. 

5. Tweed Jacket + Leggings + White Tee

Style Notes: The tweed Chanel-style jacket is an absolute must. Take a tip from Camille Charrière, and pair it with split-hem leggings and mules. 

6. The LBD



Style Notes: You don't need much to make an LBD look great. Just add sunglasses and a pair of oversized gold earrings. 

7. Blazer + White Tee + Jeans



Style Notes: The everyday French outfit has to be a plain white T-shirt under a blazer with jeans. 



Style Notes: Ever since Jane Birkin wore her iteration of this look, we've been hooked and have seen practically every French influencer wearing this outfit. 

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