I Tried 4 TikTok Clothes Hacks—Here's What Actually Worked

There’s a lot to be learned on TikTok. From innovative recipes to dance routines and homeware hacks, the app is essentially a one-stop shop for tutorials and how-tos, no matter the subject. In fact, learning is such a large part of the platform’s ethos the hashtag #LearnOnTikTok currently has over 200 billion views.

As the social media editor that I am, this week, I decided to delve into the world of TikTok tutorials and see what I could learn about clothes. As luck would have it, clothing hacks are quite the trending topic on the app, and it seems like every influencer (and their dog) has an idea to share. There are those who have found umpteen ways to wear a silk scarf as a shirt and others who are using kirby grips to alter the waist size of skirts. Shoelaces, I’ve discovered, have also become a ubiquitous essential, being used to turn tank tops into halter-necks and oversize T-shirts into cropped tops. But which of these #hacks actually gets an editor’s seal of approval? I tested a few to find out. Keep scrolling to see which hacks worked IRL and which ones should be left online. 

1. Cardigan Hacks

There is a myriad of cardigan hacks on TikTok. From doing up the wrong buttons to create a crop top to wearing the item upside down to look like a collared jacket, the ideas are endless. Personally, I felt many of them looked a little too gimmicky but did like the hack that allows you to turn your cardigan into a wrap top. Simply button at the back and adjust at the front as needed.

My Favourite Cardigan Hack

2. Slip-Dress Hacks

Slip dresses are a relatively versatile wardrobe staple, but I always find myself struggling to wear the item in the winter. Of course, TikTok has provided a solution to that. The platform is filled with videos that show users that simply adding a sports bra or tight crop top over your dress will enable you to then layer on a jumper and tuck it in at the waist, making your slip dress look like a skirt. I put the formula to the test and thought it worked a treat. 

3. Jeans Hacks

There is really only one way a person can wear a pair of jeans, so you won’t find any weird and wonderful, innovative upside content when it comes to this item. Most of the jeans hacks pertain to making the item fit a little better. Whether yours are too big or too small, the internet has some ideas on how to fix that. I tried the hack that enables you to make loose jeans fit better at the waist and personally felt it was a bit too bulky. I would, however, use the hair-tie hack below to make snug-fitting jeans comfier.

TikTok Hack for Making Your Jeans Comfier
TikTok Hack to Make Your Jeans Tighter

4. Button-Down-Shirt Hacks

When it came to button-down-shirt hacks, I was curious to find a way to wear the item that extended beyond the expected noughties-inspired tie at the front—think Britney Spears in “…Baby One More Time.” I stumbled upon this off-the-shoulder look and was feeling very inspired. Unfortunately, my attempt did not turn out anything like this. It seems the entire aesthetic hinges on ensuring you have a thick, crisp shirt and the buttons are in the right place. Please do try it at home, though. 

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