This Is What Fashion Editors Think About Wearing Tights Under Jeans

An intense debate was sparked in the Who What Wear UK offices this week after Alexa Chung published an Instagram Story about wearing tights under jeans. Half of the office thought it was a given that you would chuck on the denier 40s as soon as the mercury dropped below 5º Celsius, while the other half hated the idea of adding unnecessary bulk to their already overladen winter outfits.

This division was further confirmed after we posed the question to our Facebook group. Some stated their reliance on tights for the colder months, while others dismissed the layering approach as "uncomfortable." The issue has become even more pressing over the last few days, as temperatures have plummeted to arctic lows and the commute to work has become a battle against the tundra.

We decided to pitch two editors against each other to conclude, once and for all, whether wearing tights under jeans is a fashion faux pas. So who was right? Message us and tell us your thoughts!