This Is the Coolest Way to Style Jeans in 2020

All of our fashion editors at Who What Wear keep a close eye on the trends and stories that are resonating with you the most. we pay attention to the headlines you click on, the things you buy, and the outfits you are wearing and then tag us in. This means we have a pretty good idea about the fashion advice you are seeking at any moment—and this month there is one theme which is clearly dominating. Everyone seems to want "zero-effort outfits"—we're talking about throw-on looks that look put together, but require no thought when styling them in the morning. 

My favourite outfit that falls in this category is a printed tight top, either in a mesh or a stretchy fabric, worn with jeans. The tight sleeved-top is a good alternative to a T-shirt, as it's possible to add more personality here and jazz up your classic jeans. There are so many of these fitted tops around, with tie-dye prints proving popular, along with country and city-scapes printed onto tops. As for the jeans, it pays to keep the waistband high and a relaxed fit, to counter the tight fit of the top. For proof of how popular this outfit is, you only need to look to Topshop's denim section where almost every pair of jeans is styled like this.

Keep scrolling to see how the fashion crowd is wearing this outfit—and shop my favourite jeans and top combos below.

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