7 Throw-On Outfits Fashion Girls Are Living in This Month

If you watch any TV show about working in fashion, you'd think that people in the fashion industry wear stilettos to breakfast meetings and dress up even more than Patsy Stone seven days a week. The reality, however, is that fashion folk can be pretty lazy when it comes to getting dressed—hence why you see so many all-black uniforms at fashion month. For easy-to-throw-on outfits ideas that are practical and comfortable, I always turn to my editor and influencer friends, as they know how to disguise a snooze-friendly ensemble as something that looks artfully put together. 

This month there are seven ready-made outfits in particular that I have noticed fashion girls are leaning on—and yes, they all revolve around ankle boots. The most fail-safe of all is a knitted jumper and skirt co-ord, which looks amazing with tights and ankle boots. Another popular winter styling trick is to wear two of the same jumper, with the second looped around the shoulders. Fashion girls are also playing with textures, hibernating in the usual cashmere and wool knits but adding leather shirts, vinyl trench coats and blanket coats as interesting finishing touches. Below, you'll even find inspiration on how to make your old trackie bottoms look smart (simply add a blazer to your favourite "run to the corner shop" ensemble and you have an elevated weekend outfit). 

Keep scrolling to see and shop the seven throw-on outfits fashion girls are living in this month. 

1. Knitted Co-Ord + Ankle Boots

2. Two Jumpers + Converse

3. Blanket Coat + Chunky Boots

Throw on outfit ideas: blanket coat and chunky boots


Lucy Williams

4. Joggers + Blazer

Throw on outfit ideas: joggers and blazer


Hannah Lewis

5. Jumper + Cropped Jeans

6. Leather Jacket + Skinny Jeans

7. Vinyl Trench + Chunky Boots

Throw on outfit ideas: patent trench coat and chunky boots


ASOS Syana
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