Layering Jewellery Is An Art Form, But This Brand Makes it Simple to Master

Layering jewellery is an art form; one which, in our experience, takes time and patience to master. Over the years, we've likely spent hours standing in front of our bedroom mirrors, painstakingly trying on necklace upon necklace, ring upon ring, earring upon earring, in search of the perfect combination. It was tiring work, but thankfully, you needn't put yourself through the effort. Instead, let us turn your attention to the new collection that makes layering your jewellery incredibly simple: Thomas Sabo's Charming collection.

We've long been fans of Thomas Sabo's sleek and modern take on jewellery. Each piece is designed with consideration and to be worn together with ease. As such, it's little wonder that the brand has cultivated a cult fan base—one we're part of. Now, its new Charming line is proving equally popular.

Thomas Sabo Charming Collection: @elasesil


Image courtesy of Thomas Sabo

The Charming collection features a stunning array of daily jewellery staples you'll never want to take off, all of which can be layered together to create looks that are bespoke to you.

Thomas Sabo has taken the concept of mixing your jewellery to the next chic level, with on-trend necklaces that loan themselves perfectly to overlaying, mix-and-match earrings, and stylish stacking rings all playing an integral part in creating your own personalised jewellery look. Essentially, it's your fast track to achieving that coveted, cool-girl layered jewellery vibe with minimal effort on your part.

What sets this collection apart is its price points. The pieces are affordable, allowing you to master the art of layering and stacking without breaking the bank. The quality is also incredibly impressive: The designs are crafted from 925 sterling silver, and most are available an 18-carat yellow gold plate, too, meaning everyone can get charmed, whatever their metal preference is.

Necklaces and bracelets can be layered in new and stylish ways and gorgeous rings worn together, either on a single finger or across your hand. Really, the options are endless. One of our favourite things about the Charming collection, however, is the ear candies. Individual studs, cuffs, and barbells, many of which don't require physical piercings, allow you to channel the curated ear look that's so sought-after right now.

With endless pairing and stacking options at your disposal, it's difficult to know where to begin. Thankfully, Thomas Sabo has also created a platform where inspiration can be shared between wearers. Head to @thomassabo_charmclub on Instagram to see how fashion influencers are styling their Charming essentials. To further help you on your way, browse the edit of our favourite Thomas Sabo Charming pieces below. Then all that's left to do is start dreaming up your own luxe layering combinations.


Thomas Sabo Charming Collection: Earrings


Courtesy of Thomas Sabo

Style Notes: Gone are the days when you need multiple piercings to create stand-out ear looks. Thomas Sabo has designed cuffs and clips that'll sit alongside traditional studs seamlessly.


Thomas Sabo Charming Collection: Rings


Courtesy of Thomas Sabo

Style Notes: In our opinion, rings are the most challenging piece of jewellery to layer. As they sit so close to one another, they need to look similar whilst different enough to nail the effortless aesthetic of the trend. Cue Thomas Sabo's selection of rings, specifically designed to be worn in tandem with one another. That said, we think they each look just as stunning in their own right, too.


Thomas Sabo Charming Collection: Necklaces


Courtesy of Thomas Sabo

Style Notes: Layered necklaces have become a jewellery trend that rarely goes out of favour, and we believe many girls find their selection of trinkets increasingly becomes an extension of themselves. From initials and treasured talismans to chic double chains, Thomas Sabo's is our go-to when our collection needs a stylish update.


Thomas Sabo Charming Collection: Bracelets


Courtesy of Thomas Sabo

Style Notes: Create a masterpiece on your wrist with the help of Thomas Sabo's range of Charming bracelets. From chunky chains to delicate trinkets, wear them on mass for maximum impact.

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