How One Lingerie Brand Might Disrupt the Feminine Hygiene Industry

Ah, periods: the impossible to ignore, yet rarely discussed monthly experience nearly every woman has in common. While most of us have pretty much resigned ourselves to a life of tampons, maxi cups, and (most recently) Diva cups, one entrepreneur has other plans. She has created a line of (cute!) underwear that aim to replcae panty liners.

Miki Agrawal founded lingerie brand Thinx with one goal: to disrupt the $15 billion feminine hygiene industry by empowering women to deal with their periods without needing to purchase any of the products we're so accustomed to budgeting for each month. 

"Women in our culture don’t want to talk about their periods—most still think about it as crass and disgusting,” Agrawal told Forbes of her genius idea. “I want to change the culture around women’s most normal time of month, and not while wearing grandma panties or pads that feel like a diaper."

According to its retail site, Thinx underwear features fabric that utilises patented technology that is moisture-wicking, anti-microbial, and leak-resistant. They promise to keep you feeling dry and comfortable during your menstrual period, while allowing you to skip the panty liners—a sizeable task to be sure, but one Agrawal seems up to.

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