Rosie HW Is Genuinely Scared This Brow Trend Will Make a Comeback

During our recent chat with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, we were lucky enough to get the lowdown on everything from the beauty products she swears by to her capsule airport beauty kit. There was one topic, however, that the BareMinerals ambassador wasn't quite so passionate about—and that's beauty trends.

Thin Eyebrow Trend: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley with full brows and glowy skin



Thin '90s brows are not Rosie's cup of tea.

But while she isn't that fussed about what's trending right now, that doesn't mean she doesn't find joy in playing with makeup: "I have found myself, over the last year, having more fun. Since the launch of Rose Inc. and certainly being a mum, I don't worry so much about things. I play with colour, and I have the opportunity now to work with such incredible artists and we get to have so much fun with makeup and have this really creative collaboration." She does have one controversial makeup trend on her mind, however: thin brows.

Thin Eyebrow Trend: Rhianna with 90s style brows



Rihanna stepping out with barely there brows.

"I'm really intrigued to see if the skinny brow makes an appearance. I'm nervous about that one. The Vogue cover with Rihanna and the whole '90s revival. … It wouldn't surprise me."

Thin Eyebrow Trend: Kate Moss with thin brows in 1999



Kate Moss with the finest of brows in 1999.

Thin eyebrows were certainly the era-defining beauty look of the '90s. "I found myself looking at old pictures of supermodels last night, and I was like the skinny brow is “kinda hot; it's kinda sexy," explains Rosie. "But you hear so many women now saying how they can't grow their eyebrows, so it has this real long-term effect!"

Thin Eyebrow Trend: Drew Barrymore with 90s brows



Drew Barrymore is the queen of thin eyebrows.

But while the '90s-supermodel crowd might have looked incredible at the time, almost two decades later, there is plenty of regret around the thin eyebrow trend. After all, as Rosie pointed out, many women find that the brow hairs that they painstakingly plucked and waxed all those years ago don't grow back. So was Rihanna's Vogue cover just a nod to nostalgia, or is the trend actually having a beauty revival?

Thin Eyebrow Trend: Kamara Williams with thin eyebrows and red lipstick



Kamara Williams proving that neatly defined arches look just as chic in the 21st century.

I asked Lauren Hogsden, senior makeup artist at Benefit Cosmetics (and the woman that I trust most with my own brows), if she'd noticed a shift towards thinner brows in recent months: "I have noticed people steering away from heavy, thick defined brows," she tells me. Instead, brows are becoming more about "focusing on delivering texture throughout their brows and following their natural shape—thick or thin."

Thin Eyebrow Trend: Julie Fournier with thin eyebrows and green shirt



Julie Fournier looking fresh-faced with natural brows.

So if you're feeling tempted to have a dabble in the thin eyebrow trend yourself, then what's the best way to go about it? "If you want to try a skinny brow, I would suggest playing around with makeup products first to take the look before getting out your tweezers," advises Hogsden. "Benefit 24-HR Brow Setter (£22) will keep your brows looking perfectly polished and enable you to sculpt and bind your brow hairs together, creating a thinner look to the brows. You can also mask hairs with concealer in order to create your desired thinner brow look."

Thin Eyebrow Trend: ASOS Asrid in lilac jumpsuit and natural brows



Use products to subtly enhance your natural brow hairs for a fresh, modern brow look like Astrid.

Keep scrolling to shop for the best brow products—whether you want to try the thin eyebrow trend or enhance your natural arches.

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