Sundance 2008

Sundance is always associated with some sort of controversy-attendees, hype, the movies themselves-but we're all in agreement that the festival is a great place to spot noteworthy, cold weather outfits. We poured over the thousands of photos snapped on the Park City streets and edited them down to nine of our favourite looks. Read on for why we picked the above ladies and a few suggestions for how to achieve similar styles at home.

Most people buy their utilitarian accessories in dark colours, which is understandable but a little boring. Olivia Wilde (top row, far left) really demonstrated why it's worth stepping outside the box and getting gloves and boots in bright shades. (For those inquiring minds who wanted know, Wilde's red boots are Aquatalia by Marvin K. and she's carrying Rebecca Minkoff's Matinee Bag.) Speaking of unexpected choices, Zoe Kravitz was seen in patterned coat that seems to be in perfect keeping with her independent personal style. While the beanie is still a go-to choice for many famous heads, more fashion-forward domes sported fedoras. Mischa Barton modelled her brimmed choice at the various lounges around town. Kirsten Dunst, who was in town with her directorial debut, the short film "Welcome," highlighted a very practical aspect of cold weather dressing-the superiority of slim pants. As much as we love a good wide-leg, they're difficult to wear in really foul (or snowy) weather, because they drag in the elements and get damp/drenched quickly. If it's particularly inclement in your neck of the woods, do as Dunst does and tuck your skinny jeans into a pair of boots.

Moving on to the second row! Mary Kate Olsen showcased her understanding of transitional dressing with the above outfit, which brilliantly incorporated spring trends in a weather appropriate way. As we mentioned before, you can update your look now with a few bright pops of colour via accessories. It's a great way to start trying spring trends even when the weather's still wintry. Unsurprisingly, Charlize Theron looked as sharp as ever. She also got a jumpstart on another spring trend-neutrals, neutrals, everywhere-via her camel sweater. Olivia Thirlby balanced a slightly voluminous coat with sleek black pants while Paz de la Huerta went for an overall slim silhouette. Finally, Maria Bello went for a classic Hollywood-in-the-snow look with her aviators and cosy duck boots.

Photos of Olivia and Zoe, Photos of Kirsten, Paz, and Mischa Getty Images. Photo of MK, and Charlize Splash News. Photo of Maria, INFgoff.