Fashion Editors

No doubt you're enjoying one of the pleasant parts about the beginning of the year-the blowout sales. As you stock up on thrifty finds, we thought we'd turn the spotlight onto some of the ladies responsible for creating those clothing obsessions. The above faces aren't instantly recognisable like the celebrities we usually feature, but these women have just as much influence over what the world wears as your Sienna Millers and Rachel Bilsons. Today, we're pulling back the proverbial curtain to reveal the personal style of fashion editors of Vogue, ELLE, and Nylon.

Introductions first! Our lineup today, from left to right, includes Kate Lanphear (Senior Style and Market Editor/ELLE), Dani Stahl (Accessories Director/Nylon), Meredith Melling Burke (Senior Market Editor/Vogue), Carine Roitfeld (Editor-in-Chief/Paris Vogue), and Sylvana Soto-Ward (Associate Accessories Editor/Vogue).

Starting with the far left we have ELLE's Kate Lanphear, seen here attending the showing of the Banana Republic 2008 Spring/Summer collection. She's a great example of how to effectively blend opposing pieces (masculine jacket with girly skirt) and we also approve of her dove grey opaques worn with strappy, studded sandals. Next on the line is Nylon's Dani Stahl. The popular writer/editor is usually the epitome of downtown cool, but she clearly knows how to take a turn on the uptown chic side as well, as this outfit for a Van Cleef & Arpels party showed. Props to Stahl for giving the classic lines of her outfit a youthful touch by adding an oversized necklace and ring.

In the middle of the above images, we have Vogue's divine and adorable Meredith Melling Burke rocking non-basic black for a Saks holiday luncheon. She added interest to her outfit everywhere possible, from the folds of her Valentino bag to the fantastic studded belt to her texture-adding scarf. Another woman who always gets it right is the legendary Carine Roitfeld. Seen here at the Celine show during Paris Fashion Week, Roitfeld maintained her status as the ne plus ultra of cool (we're particularly awed by her Dior lace-up heels).

Our final example comes from Sylvana Soto-Ward, a rising star in the fashion editor galaxy. She smartly took the season's must-have item-a shrunken blazer a la Balenciaga-and wore it in a wholly personal way. Instead of doing a typical rendition of the runway style (jodhpurs, etc.), she mixed the blazer with a high-waisted skirt, charcoal tights, and menswear-influenced shoes for a truly inspired look. Excellent work all around!

Photo of Carine, courtesy of Getty Images.