The Ultimate On-the-Go Makeup Correcting Tool

How many Q-tips do you go through while trying to perfect your makeup? Whether you’re layering eye shadows and liner for a smoky eye, applying a bold matte lip, or aiming for a precise cat eye, getting it right the first time is tricky. Which is why Dior’s Diorshow Flash Corrector ($25) is our new favourite tool. The marker-sized pen is easy to hold, and thus control, and comes with four replaceable heads for an extended life (you’ll be surprised at how long each lasts) as well as built-in makeup remover--making it a travel must-have. Use the pen to reshape your liner, outline your lips, or (if you’re not so into the smudged, rock star eyeliner look) clean up your lower lash line midday. Like the name says, your mistakes will be fixed in a flash!